As online purchasing becomes more common for B2B customers, Torque Magazine rounds up some of the fastener webshop options in the UK and Europe…

LEDERER: Webshop efficiency enhancements

There have been major developments (and minor ones too) over the last 12 months for Lederer’s webshop.

The all-important item search has been revamped so users have the option to limit the search for item numbers and generate exact matches. By using quotation marks, webshop users will now get exact match results only.

Power users can now choose whether to manually add to their shopping cart item-by-item, or by uploading their own order files as a big time saver (one happy customer was quoted as saying “two clicks, order done…this will save us a lot of time”). Csv, xls and xlsx files can be processed by the site then placing order lists straight in the shopping basket, while still leaving users able to make further changes if required.

Unavailable items now come with details of when they’re back in stock (planned and confirmed) and email notifications can be set to update users as soon as they’re available again.

The busy webshop development team have also expanded language product data on the site. While the webshop itself is available in English and German, article and product data is now available in more than eight languages, including:

Dutch Spanish French Italian Polish Hungarian Czech, & Slovakian

All those changes are in addition to the regular features of the Lederer webshop, including; favourites and repeat orders lists, download of price lists, access to detailed product information and article catalogues, responsive design, as well as the issuing, saving and search of own article numbers.

Fasteners and finishes in Screwshop

Screwshop evolved from its established sister company NE Fasteners Limited five years ago. It offers competitive prices on a wide range of screws, fixings and fasteners with a range of finishes including zinc, electro brass, black, chrome, satin chrome, bronze and nickel. Turboqwik high performance screws is one of Screwshop’s best sellers. It also stocks window and self-drilling screws, furniture fittings, ironmongery and brackets, builders metalwork, sealants and adhesives and much more. Screwshop offers excellent service with next day delivery.


“Making shopping easy”

The Ferdinand Gross webshop has a clear layout and a convenient search function. You can search for DIN standards or for article numbers. The full-text search is one helpful option or users can search using predefined categories such as "Hexagon bolts". You can also create inquiries in the webshop and then receive an offer for the corresponding articles from Ferdinand Gross.

Have you signed up for Ferdinand Gross’ webshop? Please contact your own customer advisor or register directly in the webshop.

STAFA’s brand new ERP system

On 30 November 2020, Stafa launched its new ERP system, Warehouse Management system and a completely new and improved webshop.

The webshop is an important tool for Stafa’s customers. Not only can they order products, but customers can also check the available stock, customer specific prices and more. By using a modern structured menu, searching products has never been easier. With interactive filtering, users are able to find desired products in no-time. The development of the webshop is ongoing, because each day Stafa learns from its processes and its customers. Every addition that can help improve the user interface, processing speed, available information etc, will be analysed and implemented where necessary. This way Stafa can always stay up-to-date with all the new developments that are being introduced in the online landscape. Not only in the consumer market have online orders have increased drastically, but also in the B2B market, Stafa says.

A webshop is an extension of the service that is provided to customers. It is of great added value not only for Stafa’s customers, but also for Stafa itself. Because of increasing automated processes they are able to improve their level of service when it comes to order processing, additional information and streamlined logistics.


24/7 trading

To be fast, flexible and available 24/7 – this is the big task everyone in retail businesses have to face today. Digitalisation makes trades and data exchanges even faster these days.

That is why the Achilles Seibert GmbH counts on an effective and customer-friendly webshop and flexible EDI-connections.

The user interface of our web shop is clearly structured:

As a customer, you can select all search parameters step by step using the drop-down menu and easily find the right article.

Once found, all relevant data can be received transparently at any time: Available quantity Weights / packaging units Headmarks Stack prices Inbounds And even more!

Shopping carts are simply converted into an order.

“We are pleased to be offering an opportunity to develop an individual EDI connection together with you."

Please find our webshop on our website or just click on the link down below.