It’s all about the base:

Atotech reveals new base coat, Zintek® 200 SL F

Prime protection and controlled friction with a two base coat layer system, courtesy of Atotech’s new base coat Zintek® 200 SL F. Atotech explains all…

Many industries rely on the multifunctional properties of coatings with lamellar zinc particles when it comes to the optimal coating of their fasteners. Zinc flake systems provide high and durable corrosion protection with an attractive appearance with a very low coating thickness. Lubricants that are generally integrated into the top coat control friction when applied to two base coat layers as part of standard coating sequences.

“A two base coat layer system with incorporated lubricant significantly increases production capacity”

Atotech's solvent-based Zintek® 200 SL F base coat features an incorporated lubricant. By eliminating the need for a top coat, this cost-effective system provides excellent adhesion, highest corrosion protection and precise friction coefficient properties in a centered CoF range of 0.12 to 0.18 with only two base coat layers. At the same time, the system shows no stick-slip effect, which is a problem with several alternative solutions available on the market. The elimination of the top coat application leads to a higher throughput (up to 30%) and thus significantly increases the capacity of the dip-spin coating system.

Pre-eminent cathodic corrosion protection

Besides its excellent adhesion and friction properties, Zintek® 200 SL F boasts excellent cathodic corrosion protection properties. Many OEM standards require that a coating must exhibit corrosion resistance for at least 600 hours in neutral salt spray tests with no evidence of base metal corrosion. Zintek® 200 SL F lasts for more than 1,000 hours, far exceeding standard OEM requirements. These outstanding corrosion protection properties also apply to complex part geometries, and Zintek® 200 SL F shows high corrosion resistance (720 hours) when subjected to stone chipping.

Less sensitivity against humidity

Another crucial requirement of solvent-based coatings is humidity stability. High sensitivity to humidity can lead to deviations in friction behaviour and corrosion protection, as well as severe paint destruction within the tank during lead times. Unlike other comparable products in the market claiming to possess commensurate properties but showing inconsistent CoF behavior after being exposed to humidity, Zintek® 200 SL F, a reliable, production-proven process, clearly exhibits less sensitivity against humidity, leading to a prolonged lifetime for the ready-to-use paint inside the dip spin tank.

In addition, Zintek® 200 SL F requires a curing temperature of just 230 °C. This moderate curing temperature does not weaken the hardened steel structures typically found in modern fasteners. This characteristic makes Zintek® 200 SL F perfectly suitable for application on safety-labelled parts for the automotive industry.

Due to its economic benefits as a two-coat system, its effective corrosion protection, high bath stability, and reliable controlled friction properties – all outstanding features – Zintek® 200 SL F has claimed accreditation and approval from two major French automotive OEMs.

Zintek® 200 SL F corrosion performance: before testing

Zintek® 200 SL F corrosion performance: after 1,008 h NSST acc. ISO 9227

Zintek® 200 SL F corrosion performance: after 1,008 h NSST acc. ISO 9227 & after stone chipping acc. PSA D24 1312