Lightweight connections

Gesipa’s Blind Rivet Technology has been systematically developed and designed to cut weight and responsibly use resources - and provide a strong and stable joint…

In general, blind rivet nuts can be seen as an ideal solution when it comes to producing stable and reliable threads in thin materials or when the application can be accessed only from one side.

Further components can be connected by means of a screw. Another advantage is: The joint can be disconnected should this be necessary.

GESIPA's new lightweight blind rivet nut is the next stage of development in blind rivet nut technology. It meets industry requirements such as weight reduction and careful and responsible handling of resources - a keen focus in the automotive sector.

In addition to the advantages of up to 50% less weight, only very little space is needed for the closing head as well as a larger grip range than standard nuts. These blind rivet nuts provide the same or even better stability of the joints than typical blind rivet nuts.

The lightweight nuts are used for all applications where weight reduction is of the utmost importance, such as for car bodies (lightweight materials), add-on components (plastic material) and structural components (aluminium).

All in all, due to their compact design and low space requirement, the new lightweight blind rivet nuts provide high-quality threads in complex applications.

With three production sites in Germany, GESIPA Blindniettechnik GmbH develops and produces blind rivets, blind rivet nuts and solid rivets as well as high-quality tools for setting the fasteners. GESIPA operates on an international level and offers its customers an innovative complete system comprising fasteners, setting tools and joining technology - comprehensive solution competency for trade and industry from a single source.