Optical Sorting Investment

As an innovation-driven company, Nufast has recently increased its Optical Sorting operation and expanded inspection technologies by investing in new innovative sorting equipment for high speed 360° inspection of small to medium diameter headed fasteners and components.

"The new inspection machine addition further enhances our inspection capabilities and optical sorting solution,” says Craig Lawson, Nufast MD. “Now consisting of two high precision models ACV-1604 and ACV-1605, we now offer the most advanced high-speed inspection technology capable of solving the toughest inspection and sorting problems for auto parts, screw, bolt, cold forged product and headed fasteners to meet the growing demand of optical inspection of components for our clients."

With applications for fasteners, automotive screws sorting, parts inspection and more, the auto optical inspection machines are suitable to solve the quality problems of delicate screws, nuts, rods, micro parts, general fastener, auto parts, precise semiconductor parts, medical related products and other ODM parts.

Inspection criteria includes fastener parts head width, height, pinhole depth, recess shape, burr in recess, spiral thread, thread I.D., thread E.D., neck length, shank vertical, screw length, first thread, drunk thread, head crack, plating, insert nut thread, burr, dimension, etc.

Dejond adds new seal to watertight range

Dejond has expanded its watertight range of Tubtara® rivet nuts with a sealing solution for applications requiring a flush installation.

Customers looking for a leak proof rivet nut for flush installation approached Dejond to find a reliable watertight solution. With the blue Precote® 5 resin material applied on the rivet nut body, underneath the small or countersunk head, satisfying test results were achieved.

During installation of the rivet nut, excess resin material is scraped from the shank towards the head, forming a seal between the flush head and the parent material, into which the insert is riveted. The seal is only 0.25mm thick, applies well on stainless and zinc plated steel and offers a good thermal and chemical resistance, making it suitable for use with water and many automotive fluids.

For semi-hex rivet nuts the advised hex hole radius needs to be observed, but if correctly installed in properly formed holes, this resin seal ensures an IP 67 waterproof assembly.

With the popular HX and HDPX series, featuring an O-ring or Rimlex® seal, Tubtara has set the standard for watertight rivet nut assembly. The new HDKX with Precote 5 further complements the range.

Dejond is the EN9100 certified Belgian manufacturer of Tubtara blind rivet nuts, with expertise in cold forming stainless steel and innovative bespoke rivet nuts, and serves the general, automotive and aviation industries worldwide through a network of expert fastener distributors.


Manufacturing and stocking fully certified and traceable threaded products

Founded in 2012, SFC (Europe) Ltd is a leading stockholder and manufacturer of petrochemical grade bolting. Independently owned and built on a wealth of industry knowledge, SFC operates out of a 62,000 ft² stockholding and manufacturing facility situated in the heart of the United Kingdom.

SFC Europe manufactures and stocks fully certified and traceable threaded products for use in safety critical applications across the oil & gas, subsea, petrochemical, power generation and nuclear industries, including components in accordance with client’s drawings and specifications.

The material range covers all ASTM / ASME grades and the high nickel alloys. Product can be offered with a wide range of coatings.

SFC Europe Ltd strives for excellence in all areas, from quote response time through to final on-time delivery – through application of its internal quality management system and procedures. SFC Europe has established itself as one of the preferred supply partners for energy producers, OEMs and service industries worldwide, the firm says.