Fantastic plastic

Torque Magazine rounds up nylon and plastic fasteners including Hexstone, Bülte Plastiques, fischer and Tecfi...


Hexstone is the company behind leading fixings and fastener experts Owlett-Jaton, JCP Fixings, Stainless Threaded Fasteners, Icon Fasteners, and Righton Fasteners.

JCP are the specialist fixing division of the Hexstone Group, dedicated to providing customers with a quality range of anchoring products for the construction industry.

JCP Construction Products, the specialist fixing division of Owlett-Jaton, supplies a variety of nylon and plastic fixings including their recently launched Premium Nylon Wall Plug. Since its introduction to the range, it has grown significantly in popularity across multiple market sectors. The new premium wall plug is described as a nylon plug of high quality with screw guidance and anti-rotation lugs. The innovative design gives excellent results in a number of base materials.

Launched early 2020, its improved bespoke design offers additional features to their standard nylon wall plugs. A high-quality PA6 nylon plug, it provides excellent results in many solid base materials including dense concrete blocks, brick and stone. The PA6 also allows for better resistance to temperature change and humidity.

Its innovative design features a castellated split which guides the screw and keeps it within the plug, whilst anti-rotation lugs prevent the plug spinning in the drilled hole. The rimless design provides a clean and tidy flush fit.

Available in longer lengths than the standard range they enable deeper embedment. Suitable for use with wood and chipboard screws they provide improved pull-out performance over the standard range.

JCP’s nylon range include products such as:

  • Nylon Frame Fixing with ETA
  • Nylon Frame Fixings
  • Push Plug
  • Window Frame Anchors
  • Nylon and plastic wall plugs

Bülte Plastiques

For more than 60 years, Bülte Plastiques has been supporting all industry sectors to meet their needs for plastic protection and fasteners. Established in Germany, England, and France, the international profile family-owned company launches this autumn a new range of products: an organic thermoplastic polymer used in engineering applications, PEEK.

Considered as one of the top-of-the-range plastics, PEEK is a thermoplastic with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties that are retained to high temperatures (oils, hydrocarbures).

Because of its robustness, PEEK is used to fabricate items used in demanding applications, including bearings, piston parts, pumps, compressor plate valves, and electrical cable insulation. Due to its low flammability (UL 94), it is one of the few plastics compatible with ultra-high vacuum applications, which makes it suitable for many types of industries. PEEK is also considered as an advanced biomaterial used in medical implants.

It also has a lower density than metal, which makes it an excellent substitute when weight is a limiting factor in the final product.

All these properties make it a material of choice in the manufacture of technical and/or electrical parts.

It is therefore highly recommended for use in high-tech industries: Energy (Oil, Nuclear), Medical & Pharmaceutical (replacing glass, stainless steel or other metals), Chemical, Automotive (manufacturing of steering elements, clutch or brake components, etc.), Electronic industry (insulators, connectors and supports).

Bülte's product range in PEEK material includes Washers ˜ DIN 125 / EN ISO 7089 / DIN 34815 from M4 to M12, Hex socket head screws ˜ DIN 912 from M4 to M12 (lengths 10 to 70mm) Hex head screws ˜ DIN 933 from M4 to M12 (lengths 10 to 60mm) and Hex nuts ISO 4032 from M4 to M12.

Our technical sales team is at your disposal to answer all your standard or specific requests.

Hex socket head screws DIN 912 PEEK

Hex head screws DIN 933 PEEK

PEEK Washers DIN 125 / EN ISO 7089 / DIN 34815

PEEK Hex nuts ISO 4032


Founded in 1948, the fastening specialist Fischer has five divisions worldwide with around 5,200 employees as of last year. Fischer distribution centres can be found in over 100 countries and its production sites include Argentina, China, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, USA.

The company has shown that the dowel can still be revolutionised through the introduction of the DUO-Line fixings such as the DUOPOWER and DUOTEC dowels.

“Our fischer DUO-Line fixings are in great demand in the field of our nylon dowels. They can be used flexibly, achieve high load levels and guarantee absolute safety - thanks to innovative material combination and clever technology. So, the DUOPOWER and the fischer DUOTEC can be used for any building materials. And the DUOBLADE is the specialist for plasterboards", says Armin Heß, Speaker of the Board of Directors Fixing Systems and Managing Director Sales and Marketing at the fischer Group of Companies.

Some Nylon products include:

fischer DUOTEC nylon toggle plug

The fischer DUOTEC nylon toggle plug is an easy-to-assemble nylon toggle plug for high loads in all panel building materials. For applications in panel construction materials with a cavity behind, the fischer DUOTEC is set like a toggle plug. In solid building materials, the anchor can also be used as an expansion anchor.

Window frame dowel FS

The fischer window frame anchor FS is a special anchor for tension-free stand-off installation of window and door frames. This consists of a dowel made of high-quality nylon and a countersunk head screw with a cross recess made of galvanized steel.

S 14 HR dowel & S 12 R dowel

The fischer plug S 14 HR is a special plug for fastening the fischer universal eyebolt GS in perforated brick. The fischer plug S 12 R is a special plug for fastening the fischer universal eyebolt GS in concrete and solid stone.


Tecfi is equipped with a big assortment of machines for plastic material injection. The company’s plastic flagship product is VS-Handyplug, a universal nylon façade anchor, that is today one of the best and more popular Tecfi products.

In the last few years, VS-Handyplug has received a great response from the market, thanks to its incredibly good performances in many different base materials.

Concrete, solid masonry, and perforated masonry were already included in the first publication of the ETA where the aerated autoclaved concrete (AAC), was included in the last amendment dated 2017: Tecfi wanted to answer to a real market need, as this base material was becoming more and more common in the construction, thanks to its high thermal insulation capacity and its very light weight. Moreover, in that amendment, Tecfi included four additional base materials in the use categories “b” and “c”, enlarging the number of masonry units in which the anchor is assessed to eleven different varieties, which also include bricks coming from Germany, Austria and North Europe.

The VS-Handyplug’s special patented geometries and its excellent materials guarantee a fully radial expansion in solid materials, a multiple expansion in perforated masonry and an expansion through knotting in hollow materials. This versatility and its very good performances allow the VS-Handyplug to be a good option in many construction circumstances, above all when different base materials are found on the jobsite: ideal for ventilated façades and curtain walls, it can also be used for fixing frames, windows, doors, steel and aluminium substructures, and much more.

The VS-Handyplug range offers two nylon anchors, with and without collar, available in diameters 8mm and 10mm. The large cylinder collar was designed to ensure a good distribution of the stress and, above all, to avoid any contact between the screw and the plated to be fixed, in order to exclude the risk of galvanic corrosion.

These anchors can be combined with different types of screws, available in zinc plated carbon steel, special coating “Steel Saver® 1000h – ZL” (that guarantees 1.000 hours in salt spray test) and A4-70 stainless steel (AISI 316, that guarantees a very high resistance to the corrosion): 6-lobes recess flat countersunk head screws, 6-lobes recess hexagonal washer head screws, 6-lobes recess mushroom head screws and socket recess dual thread screws.

On diameter 10mm, the anchor is also Certified for resisting to fire exposure up to 90 minutes, according to the EOTA Technical Report TR020 “Evaluation of anchorages in concrete concerning resistance to fire”.

As an “easier” and shorter version, Tecfi offers VZ-Handyplug®, a universal nylon plug suitable for lighter applications in many base materials, in combination with a very wide variety of screws: the range is available in diameters 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm, with different lengths.