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Rivets or Threaded Fasteners? ACCU makes a productivity comparison

Rivets are a mechanical fastener which are typically used in permanent applications as an alternative to more expensive processes such as welding, or more time-consuming processes such as adhesive bonding.

The ease of installation, minimal time requirements and low unit cost make rivets a no-brainer for most manufacturers. The difficulty of removal can limit the applications of rivets. However, with the correct drill bit, a rivet can still be removed for repair or critical maintenance of the end product. Other "permanent" fastenings such as bonding or welding can be much more difficult to remove. In applications where regular access is required, a fastener that is easily removable and replaceable without damage to the fastener or product is required - this is a situation where threaded fasteners come into their own.

Threaded fasteners are typically used in applications where components are designed to be easily removable or easily assembled.

The main advantage of threaded fasteners is their ease of use - requiring no specialist skills or tooling to install. Most engineers own a screwdriver, but not all own a rivet gun. Threaded fastenings are also often used for practicality, such as in assemblies which are disassembled for painting, or shipped disassembled to save space.

So why use a rivet over a threaded fastener? Rivets can be installed into a blind hole, but unlike threaded fasteners, they require very little space on the other side of the fastening surface to create a solid bond. They are comparatively lightweight, allowing their use in weight critical applications, and they enable the fastening of thin sheets without the distortion created by welding. A good example of an application using these strengths is the skin of an aircraft.

Accu stocks a wide range of both rivets and threaded fasteners, specialising in stainless steel. For a look at our range, please visit

JRP Tooling

Building on a Riveting Success

Back in March, Owlett-Jaton launched a complete range of rivets, rivet nuts and tools under the brand Jaton Riveting Products (JRP). Created with the backing of the UK’s largest wholesale supplier of fasteners and fixings, JRP is no half measure with over 1,000 products, all supported with riveting expertise and technical support. With a late summer launch delayed due to Covid-19, the tools are now available to order.

Since the hugely successful launch, Owlett-Jaton has been working on a range of manual tools to support the existing JRP range. Significant research and development has taken place to ensure the tools are of a quality synonymous with the JRP brand. Factory visits, in-house testing and the design of a detailed operating manual for each tool, has taken place to ensure end-users receive a premium rivet tool for ease of use.

The range includes three rivet tools and four rivet nut tools, including a ratchet tool which has the capacity to install M3 to M12 nuts. Replacement parts are available for all models, including new jaw sets, nosepieces, mandrels and replacement heads.

The addition of riveting tooling to the JRP range and broader product portfolio builds upon Owlett-Jaton’s approach to offer customers a complete wholesale solution. The ability to source many products from one supplier is something its customers have expressed as valuable. It helps to simplify their procurement process, and customers recognise the value in that, we’re told.

The JRP tooling range is available to order through the Owlett-Jaton webshop, or visit for further information.

Scell-It’s ergonomic battery tools

There’s no hose or compressor for Scell-It’s ELEMENT battery tools range, allowing greater freedom of movement. It’s a complete range of seven rivet and rivet nut tools plus a punching machine which transforms a cylindrical hole into a hexagonal one, to fit every need.

Compactness, combined with an ideal weight-to-power ratio, ensures optimal operability, regardless of the angle of application (even including upside down) to overcome the most difficult access operations, without fatigue. Easy to use and maintain compared to a pneumatic machine, they will appeal to professionals seeking simplicity.

With the interchangeable 18V/ 2.0Ah lithium-ion battery, there will be no more headaches over batteries or chargers that do not fit from one tool to another. Its long battery life allows for working for many hours, without changing the battery, while its fast charging ensures there will always be a battery ready to use.

The complete ELEMENT range is delivered with two batteries as standard (except the E-5 and E-8, for which the quantity of battery is left to the buyer).

Because SCELL-IT believes that the aesthetics and ergonomics of a product are as important as its efficiency, the brand designs its innovations exclusively in France. The patented ergonomic design includes charging light indicators, three integrated LEDs for visibility in dark working areas and a fastener that attaches the tool to his belt or hang it at a fixed station to find it quickly.

Finally, a transparent integrated rod collector provides a simple visual reminder when it must be emptied. It comes supplied in a durable and practical rigid box, with a dedicated slot for a Scell-it consumables box.

Rivetwise: A new strategic partnership with Stanley Engineered Fastenings

Hednesford, Staffordshire-based fastener and fixing company Rivetwise has announced a strategic partnership with one of the global leaders in precision fastening and assembly solutions - Stanley Engineered Fastenings. The deal makes the manufacturing application specialist a leading authorised distributor of Stanley Engineered Fastening Products for the UK and Ireland.

The partnership comes at a time of growth for the fastener and fixing company which offers many application solutions including rivets; rivet nuts; structural rivets & fasteners; rivet tools; Helicoil inserts; rivet and rivet nut tool spare parts, and who serve a wide range of customers including traditional light manufacturing; automotive; rail; aerospace; electronics; domestic appliance; HVAC and building and construction. The Rivetwise customer base will benefit from being able to quickly access a supply of the world's most advanced fastening and assembly solutions, high levels of service, technical knowledge and expertise offered by the Rivetwise team, a one-stop-stop for fastening and fixing needs as well as value-added services including tool hire, maintenance, repair and tool sales, all of which are competitively priced, says the firm.

“We are really excited about being aligned with the global leader in precision fastening and assembly solutions and the business opportunities now available to Rivetwise,” said Rivetwise MD Sean Keeley. “As a result of this strategic partnership we have also recently found ourselves in a position where we have been able to increase our workforce in order to support business growth and customer demand which is fantastic considering the current economic climate."

RIVIT’s hydropneumatic RIV303

Rivit Srl is a specialist in the production and distribution of fasteners, fastening systems, tools and machines for sheet metal assembling.

The Speedriv rivets in cartridge are to be used for quick and repeated riveting and so are ideal for light fastenings. They come in a cartridge which can hold 24 to 58 pieces, according to rivets diameter and length, and are strung on a proper rod, ready to be used.

Rivets in cartridge are available in stainless steel, steel and aluminium, with dome or countersunk head, 3.2, 4.0, 4.8 and 6.0mm diameters, and in several lengths.

Rivets in cartridge allow a drastic time saving during assembling. Speedrivs ensure good flexibility in processes and can be easily included in automatic assembly lines. Rivets in cartridge are mostly used in automotive, electronics, electro mechanics, furnishing and general light fabrication.

The new hydropneumatic tool RIV300, featuring a built-in booster, was specifically designed for the application of cartridge rivets.

Depending on the diameter of the rivet, the RIV303 is equipped with special spare parts: head, mandrel and relative spring are selected according to the diameter of the rivet.

Technical data

Air pressure: 5-7 bar Air volume required (5,1bar): 4.35 lt Stroke: 30mm Pull force: 3890N Cycle time: 1 sec Weight: 1.92Kg Total length (without head): 475 mm