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New products and distribution deals from the North American market.

Festool USA’s T18 Easy Drill Driver

Festool USA’s new T18 Easy Drill Driver is part of Festool's comprehensive cordless tool lineup. The T18 Easy’s ergonomic, lightweight and precision-performance design is ideal for completing jobs in tight spaces while limiting arm fatigue.

The tool features a large drilling capacity; a 1⁄2” keyless chuck; optimum LED illumination for a well-lit work area; and integrated bit storage. The T18 E is also equipped with an EC-TEC brushless motor to go along with the new 4.0 18V battery pack to provide maximum performance and endurance no matter the task at hand.

Rick Bush, Product Marketing Manager for Festool, said: “For Festool, the new T18 Easy Drill Driver demonstrates our continued commitment as a company to offer exceptional tools at a terrific overall value.”

“We refer to this tool as the T18 Easy because it’s easy to appreciate the value of a precision-engineered, durable and affordable drill that every tradesman and DIY hobbyist needs in the workshop and on the jobsite,” he added.

The T18 Easy Drill Driver is available as complete set or as bare tool. For customers already on Festool’s battery platform, the T18 Easy is available starting at $199, which includes the tool and belt clip. The tool is also available as part of the T18 Easy Plus set, starting at $299, that also includes two battery packs and the TCL 6 rapid charger. The tool comes packaged in Festool’s legendary Systainer storage system.

“We refer to this tool as the T18 Easy because it’s easy to appreciate the value of a precision-engineered, durable and affordable drill that every tradesman and DIY hobbyist needs in the workshop and on the jobsite”

Festool’s complete line of cordless tools, including the T18 Easy, is German-engineered for premium quality and durability, and all carry the company’s 3-year all-inclusive warranty. The warranty covers the tool, battery and charger against wear-and-tear, and is the best warranty in the industry. Festool delivers against this “gold standard” warranty with in-house resources, meaning Festool’s trained experts manage all service and warranty requests. This “vertical integration” not only allows Festool to turn-around most customer requests in two business days, but also guarantees a quality of workmanship and trust that outsourcing cannot match, says Festool.

SPIROL Introduces New Press-N-Lok™ Pin

SPIROL has announced the expansion of its Solid Pin Product Line to include the new Series BP100 Press-N-Lok™ Pin.

The new Press-N-Lok™ Pin was designed to permanently retain two plastic components to each other. The pin has opposing raised barbs on each end that are angled backwards opposite the direction of insertion. As the pin is being inserted, the plastic backfills into the area around the barbs resulting in maximum resistance to axial force providing a secure, tamper resistant assembly.

The Press-N-Lok™ Pin is manufactured from lightweight, lead free, corrosion resistant aluminium. One major advantage of the Press-N-Lok™ Pin is that assembly time is quicker, and it requires lower assembly equipment costs as compared to screws and adhesives.

The Press-N-Lok™ Pin is installed in two steps: Step 1: Press the pin into one half of the plastic housing. Step 2: Align the other half of the housing with the exposed end of the pin and press into place.

SPIROL offers a comprehensive line of Solid Pins to accommodate different application requirements. Standard Solid Pins include: DP100 Straight Pins, FH100 Headed Straight Pins, KP200 Straight Knurled Pins, FH200 Headed Straight Knurled Pins, KP300 Helical Knurled Pins, FH300 Headed Helical Knurled Pins, BP100 Press-N-Lok™ Pins, FH400 Headed Barbed Pins, LP500 Latch Pins for Plastics and FH600 Twist-Lok™ Pins.

Complementary Applications Engineering Support: SPIROL Engineers will review application requirements and work with design teams to recommend the best solution at the lowest total assembly close. It all starts with SPIROL’s Optimal Application Engineering process. Find out more via the SPIROL website.

Tanner partner with Parker Fasteners for Lock-Out® security screw distribution

Tanner Bolt & Nut Inc. has reached an agreement with Parker Fasteners of Buckeye, AZ to become the exclusive master distributor in the United States for its Lock-Out® maximum security screw.

Lock-Out® is a new and innovative security fastener featuring a unique patented drive that is engineered to perform in high torque applications. The distinctive oval centre pin and multiple drive/key combinations gives customers the option to select higher levels of security in a tamper-proof fastener. Installation bits are not sold commercially. Installation bits will only be sold through Tanner.

Lock-Out® is available in a multitude of head styles, threads, diameters, lengths, materials, and finishes. Diameters range from 1/4"-5/8", M1.4-M16, and #0-#10, with lengths up to 12" for certain diameters. Materials available include carbon steel, stainless steel 302HQ, 304, 316, A286 & brass alloy steel 4037, 8740.

For absolute maximum protection of your property or product, Lock-Out® can be manufactured with a one-of-a-kind, drive pattern that is exclusive to your company.

Tanner will receive its initial stock order in early March 2021 and will continue to bolster its inventory throughout the year. Made-to-order product typically will ship in 8-10 weeks.

Tanner, headquartered in Brooklyn, NY is a nationwide distributor of premium industrial and security fasteners, code compliant anchors, safety products, and power tool accessories. For over 40 years, Tanner's knowledgeable sales and support staff has committed to a customer first approach, delivering innovative quality products. Tanner partners with over fifty well known quality brands that provide our customers with industry leading experience, innovation, and quality control.

Parker Fasteners is a premier ISO & AS9100 Rev D registered cold heading manufacturer located in Buckeye, Arizona who sources all raw materials from American sources, including DFARS compliance. Parker takes great pride in making quality fasteners, meeting customer product specifications, and delivering on or before promised due dates. Parker brings a unique depth of experience and a high level of innovation to their product offering, delivering the highest level of support in the industry in this high growth area.

Detailed Lock-Out® product information and specifications can be found here.

Snap-on Industrial

The new 8" Talon Grip™ FlankJaw Slip-Joint Pliers from Snap-on Industrial works to prevent fasteners from being rounded off by using FlankJaw geometry to place the load away from the corners on hex nuts and bolts. This design secures hex heads without rounding, while also providing up to 30% more torque to bust them free; the Talon Grip, with a relocated-joint design, provides up to 57% increased pulling power.

Features and benefits of the 8" Talon Grip™ FlankJaw Slip-Joint Pliers include: Optimised for grabbing 5/16-1" hex heads. Patented three-position slip joint, plus shear cutter provides a smooth cut with minimal hand pressure. Longer contoured handle for added comfort and better leverage. Cold forged steel with higher alloy content for added durability and strength. Available in three colours: HJ47ACF (red), HJ47ACFG (green), HJ47ACFO (orange)

For more information on the new 8" Talon Grip™ FlankJaw Slip-Joint Pliers from Snap-on, call (877) 740-1900, or visit their website clicking the button below.

Snap-on Talon Grip Slip Joint Pliers

Snap-on Industrial is a division of Snap-on Incorporated, a global manufacturer and marketer of tools, diagnostics, equipment, software and service solutions for professional users. Products and services include hand and power tools, tool storage, diagnostics software, information and management systems, shop equipment and other solutions for vehicle dealerships and repair centers, as well as customers in industry, government, agriculture, aviation, and natural resources. Products and services are sold through the company’s franchisee, company-direct, distribution and Web-based channels.

SPAX launch new high-quality nylon plugs

Matched with SPAX screws, this new range of green expansion plugs creates a professional installation. Simple to fasten, even by hand, special features include a collar that prevents the plug from slipping into the drill hole and an expansion-free neck that prevents damage to delicate materials (EG: Tiles). Force distribution and a strong hold in building materials with high loadbearing capacities is achieved via 4-way expansion when combining with a SPAX screw. Anti-rotation locks prevent the plug from rotating in the drill hole. Made of high-quality, ultra-stable nylon SPAX green plugs are highly resilient and weatherproof. Use in concrete, solid brick, ventilating brick & aerated concrete.

The new plugs available now include: SPAX 5,0MM Plugs – use with screws dimensions of 3,0MM to 4,0MM SPAX 6,0MM Plugs – use with screw dimensions of 4,0MM to 5,0MM SPAX 8,0MM Plugs – use with screw dimensions of 4,5MM to 6,0MM

Claim a free sample pack by simply emailing your name and address with the words ‘free SPAX green plugs sample pack’ to

A family run company business since the group’s founding in 1823, SPAX International GmbH & Co. KG belongs to the ALTENLOH, BRINCK & CO Group, to which four further independent divisions are affiliated. Altenloh, Brinck & Co was the first German company to start industrial production of screws. The company abbreviation ABC becomes a recognised brand for fasteners of the highest quality.