Statistics, pics and insights from April’s Taiwan International Fastener Show.

This year's exhibition marked another record-high, featuring 415 exhibitors and more than 1,107 booths, the most recorded since the Kaohsiung Exhibition Centre was founded.

The three-day exhibition attracted 2,193 international buyers from 73 countries, who visited and made purchases in the show halls.

Participation increased by 10% when compared with the previous exhibition. Overall, the show drew 33,681 visits.

A lively atmosphere on the show floor meant that up to 90% of buyers expressed their approval and satisfaction with this year's exhibition and over 80% expressed their intention to return in 2020, according to the organisers.

There were 70% more buyers from Italy this year at the show, with increased numbers of buyers also attending from Germany, Thailand, Brazil, Russia, and France, cementing the exhibition’s reputation as a procurement platform for the global fastener industry.

The bulk of overseas buyers came from mainland China (602). Japan (237) and India (187) came next, with the USA (153) and Germany (110) following. Germany and Italy were the only European nations in the top 10 visitor table. The UK slipped off the table, previously having been at position 10.

The top-ten purchasing nations this year were mainland China, Japan, India, United States, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea, and Thailand.

The Global Fastener Summit, taking place during the show, had a strong automotive theme, with presentations from EFDA, Mercedes Benz, Vissart Europe, TR Fastenings and QST International. The entire summit was broadcast live to over 1,600 online viewers.

New features included one-on-one procurement meetings, featuring 51 ‘heavyweight’ international buyers in 230 negotiating sessions with 78 domestic exhibitors.

Achilles Seibert once again brought together a group of buyers and industry luminaries for a networking event during the show.

Just one month before the show, REYHER opened an office in the port city of Kaohsiung.

Taiwan International Fastener Show will be back in Kaohsiung in 2020.