Rivet, insert nut and special cold stamping part specialist Bralo explains how it has closely worked with the automotive sector for over 35 years...

BRALO, a Spanish manufacturer of rivets and fastening systems, works hand in hand with the automotive sector. Trust is valued above all else in the supply chain, based on a complete service and an aim to continue to create quality products.

The objective as a company has always been process optimisation, aimed at products with added value: pieces created in a sustainable process and with safety and efficiency guarantees.

BRALO has offered a wide range of services for the automotive sector for more than 35 years and currently meets expectations by creating innovative products with the latest technology

BRALO is a manufacturer of rivets, insert nuts and special cold stamping parts, with the automotive sector making up 50% of its production, specialising in various product areas, such as parts for the body, chassis and mechanisms. In terms of the vehicle body, special parts made by cold stamping, which are used for the skeleton of the vehicle stand out, a key element in assuring safety and reliability; parts that make up the closing mechanism on the exterior of the vehicle’s door, front ends and roof; and dashboards on the inside. Chassis products make up the lower part of the structure, and the mechanisms form part of the suspension systems, axles and airbags, all made with standard manufacturing products supplied by BRALO, according to ISO 9001 norms and undergoing 100% individual visual inspections.

BRALO meets to the constant change and demands of the sector, focusing on durability, passive safety, recyclability and developing innovative production methods with more resistant materials and the manufacture of plastic parts, creating a personalised service based on the designs and specifications that are supplied to us in order to create a specific model.

Today, the OEMs possess specialised equipment that conform to designs according to European and industry standards, such as ISO TS-16949, a standard used by BRALO since 2007. Additionally, the recently obtained ISO 14001 regulation endorses the Spanish manufacturer in all aspects where environment and sustainability are concerned.