GESIPA G-Fast System:
Riveting and bolting in one step

One process, two functions… GESIPA’s G-Fast System combines a blind rivet nut and bolt in a single joining element. GESIPA’s Andrea Lawitschka tells Torque all about it…

Mechanical joining processes can be used to join a wide range of materials quickly and reliably. Blind riveting technology has the additional advantage of only requiring one-sided access. With our threaded fasteners range of blind rivet nuts and blind rivet studs you can drive high-quality load-bearing threads into thin, soft or sensitive materials without placing any additional stresses on whatever you are joining. This includes applications where other production processes like threading, conventional screw fitting and welding are unfeasible. Other advantages of this joining method are one-sided access, flexible, easy assembly and in many cases, enhanced mechanical properties. This means that in almost any material, it can produce load-bearing assembly points which also provide a sturdy basis for non-permanent screw connections.

Because the joining element is customised based on material, geometry or surface coating, mechanical properties can be optimised for any application.

Savings of up to 50%

The patented GESIPA® G-Fast System combines a blind rivet nut and bolt in a single joining element.

This combination makes it possible to drive a high-quality thread into thin material while securing a component at the same time. As a result, you can dispense with an entire process step as well as an assembly site, processing tools and associated processes. The method only requires access from one side – perfect for those hard-to-reach locations. The resulting screw connections are also non-permanent – an invaluable advantage compared to other mechanical joining methods. The GESIPA® G-Fast System offers a high level of flexibility in production process design as well as cost-effective synchronised mass production involving special requirements. Integrating the bolting process into riveting can save you up to 50% of assembly time.

Fast, simple, efficient processing

The GESIPA® G-Fast System uses conventional bolt drivers already employed on assembly lines. All you need is an adapter customised for the joining element and the application. Because it uses manual bolt drivers and customisable joining elements, the G-Fast System can be used anywhere that non-permanent connections are required in short assembly processes.

Advantages at a glace:

- Non-permanent rivet screw connection

- Access only required from one side of the component

- No thermal impact on the part

- No reworking required

- Low investment in assembly equipment, high flexibility

- Versatile, e.g. for hybrid connections

- Lower cost per connection

- Shorter processing times

For more details, contact GESIPA Blindniettechnik GmbH