Diversity is key

Torque rounds up the latest innovations in hexagon bolts and socket screws with help from Hexstone, Fabory and Berardi.


Owlett-Jaton is the UK and Ireland’s largest wholesale supplier of socket screws, hexagon bolts and set screws, with over five thousand lines available from stock.

The range of socket screws includes socket head caps, socket countersunk, socket buttons, socket shoulders, socket sets, pressure plugs, hexagon keys, Holo-Krome premium branded socket screw products, hexagon bolts and hexagon set screws.

Socket screws are available in steel and stainless steel, and in metric and imperial threads. Steel grades include 10.9, 12.9 and 14.9, and are available in either self-colour or a bright zinc plate finish. Stainless steel is available in A2, A2 and A4-80.

Owlett-Jaton is the UK Master Distributor of Holo-Krome premium brand socket screws, all designed to be used in a wide variety of applications which demand precision components.

Owlett-Jaton also offers a wide range of special plating finishes and patching, with the appropriate certification, including PPAP certified parts, as well as full batch traceability.

The firm’s Specials team can source and manufacture a wide range of parts to customers’ own specifications and are quality approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2015.

Hexagon bolts and set screws are also available in steel or stainless steel, as well as a range of brass hexagon set screws. Steel grades include 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9 in either self-colour or bright zinc plated, with metric and imperial threads available.

Owlett-Jaton provides options covering materials, finishes, grades, threads, diameters, lengths and head styles, while also offering a next day delivery service across mainland UK.


Fabory boasts over 100,000 fastener dimensions, including those which are branded by fischer, Lindapter, Nord Lock and Spiralock, as well as those which are produced according to the international standards, ISO, DIN, EN and ASME. The firm also produces special parts in line with customer requests.

The hexagon bolt range represents a major share in Fabory’s assortment. Well known are the fully threaded (DIN 933/ISO 4017) and partially threaded (DIN 931/ISO 4014) hexagon bolts and the firm’s flange head bolts.

For construction applications Fabory also has an extensive range of structural bolting according to EN 15048 and EN 14399.

The firm’s socket screw range is diverse, featuring hexagon and hexalobular recesses with different head types, including cylindrical, countersunk and button head. Known standards are DIN 912, ISO 10642 and 7380, and within this range Fabory also carries a variety of set screws.


Berardi Fasteners is a specialist in high strength structural bolts for metal constructions, with its main assortment falling into two categories:

• EN 15048, steel class 8.8, with electrolytic white zinc plating or hot dip galvanised
• EN 14399, steel class 8.8 or 10.9, raw black surface or hot dip galvanised

Posting a turnover of over €60 million in 2019, Berardi handles more than one million lines per year, and celebrated its centenary in the business last year. Berardi’s current headquarters in Castel Guelfo consist of a 10,000 metres squared semi-automated warehouse with 45,000 items in stock and 130,000 items on the books.