There are a number of structural fasteners available to distributors, covering a range of different markets. Torque Magazine showcases four providers

BRALO > Expands its structural rivets range

BRALO's range of high-strength rivets has grown with the new Multilock, G-Bra and Estrubolt rivets to adapt to the needs of customers and to compete in quality and reliability terms across different sectors.

BRALO already has Structural, Hardlock and Hardgrip rivets in different materials, but close working relationships with customers has led it to develop three new rivets that help to complete its catalogue.

The Multilock rivet was developed for the customer's convenience, so no special nozzle is required to expand the rivet, as happens with the Structural rivet. The new Multilock rivet is differentiated by a knurled shoulder on the shank, which provides good hole fill in all applications, including those with oversized holes and thus provides greater vibration-resistance.

The G-BRA rivet is a higher strength version of the Hardlock and Hardgrip rivet, with a unique design in both its grooved mandrel and crimped head, both of which allow the head to be fully retained by mechanical locking, as well as providing greater tensile and shear strength, ideal for metal-to-metal applications.

The Estrubolt rivet, reportedly the highest strength rivet on the market, is specifically designed for applications subjected to high loads, such as military vehicles, train carriages, bridges, vehicle suspension, solar trackers and more, including industries where a durable and highly reliable fastening is required, in addition to needing large rivets, with diameters from 6.4 to 19 mm to meet industry standards.

All these structural rivets have been designed for applications where exceptional strength is required, both in tensile and shear, providing unalterable joints and, together with the collar bolts and special cold stamped parts, BRALO increases its range of rivets under ISO 9001 and 14001 quality and environmental standards.

Innovation and new projects have helped BRALO, a Spanish multinational with more than forty years of experience, to collaborate with specialised industries, such as construction, renewable energy and automotive, always seeking to offer the best service and customised design for each type of application.

OWLETT-JATON > Quality rivets for critical applications

Structural fasteners are used in some of the most demanding fastener applications, often where safety is paramount. Owlett-Jaton’s dedicated riveting range, Jaton Riveting Products (JRP), includes a full range of structural rivets which are often chosen in such applications. Frequently used in the automotive and commercial vehicle industries, structural rivets offer multiple benefits over a standard fastener.

Structural rivets are specifically designed to meet applications where high shear and tensile strengths are required. Quick and easy to install, they offer tamper-proof longevity. As a result, they are commonly used in a multitude of other industries such as aerospace, rail, HVAC, white goods, electronics and general engineering.

Offering high clamping properties to assist with moisture and pressure type applications, structural rivets provide exceptionally strong and vibration resistant joints even with elevated temperatures.

The JRP structural range includes JRP-Lock, JRP-Bulb and JRP-Hem rivet types, available in steel, stainless steel and aluminium materials.

The JRP-Lock rivet type is the most commonly used in structural applications, specifically for where high shear and tensile strengths are required. The high clamping properties assist with closing joint gaps, especially effective in moisture and pressure type applications. They are used in a multitude of applications due to a wide grip range, where a vibration resistant, tamper-proof, low-cost quick fixing solution is needed. The JRP-Bulb rivet type provides a large blind side bearing area with a retained mandrel causing no damage, electrical problems or rattling due to loose stems. Ideal for use in thin sheet materials they compensate for irregular, oversized, slotted or misaligned holes, and can stop movement due to their hole fill properties. They have exceptional shear and tensile strengths.

The JRP-Hem rivet type - similar to the JRP Bulb - has a large blind side bearing area with a mechanically locked mandrel, but with a more restricted grip range. Ideal for use in thin sheet materials as well as metal/plastic assemblies, they also compensate for irregular, oversized, slotted, or misaligned holes and can stop movement due to their hole fill properties. They can also be used as a pivot due to their setting style (i.e. like a hinge assembly on a steel door).

There is a multitude of considerations a user needs to make when picking the correct rivet. Rivets are quality products that go into critical applications, and Owlett-Jaton ensures the technical aspects of every rivet it sells meets the highest standards of safety and performance.

All JRP rivets are fully compatible with JRP setting tools as well as all other established market brands.

APTUS > Fastener Solutions for Offsite Construction Technologies

Aptus Fastener Systems has developed a comprehensive range of innovative fastening solutions for modern methods of offsite construction.

Whether you are constructing within panelised methods - timber frame and structural insulated panels (SIPS), volumetric construction techniques, cross-laminated (x-lam), and glue laminated (glulam) technology or hybrid applications, Aptus Fastener Systems has a solution that suits every need.

The comprehensive range of products and services has been developed with modern sustainable building technologies in mind. Aptus has recognised that as new construction methods emerge, its range of fasteners must keep pace, so it has developed a specialist range of ETA approved innovative fasteners from market leading manufacturers across Europe and beyond.

Aptus stocks and distributes a broad range of industrial fasteners and associated components to meet the structural design parameters for timber buildings under Eurocode 5. It supplies its product range with what it says is an extraordinary level of service at every point of contact with its customers, and provides ongoing technical support to ensure that the right fastening solution is specified in the right application using the correct equipment.

Rivetwise > Structural Fasteners

If you’re looking for a structural fastener for a heavy-duty application, Rivetwise’s premium brand Avdel® represents the broadest range of highly engineered structural blind fasteners available, reportedly, ensuring that customers are offered the most appropriate technology for their application.

The Avdel Monobolt® multi-grip structural rivet is a high strength structural blind rivet with a locked stem and a positive hole fill for use in heavy duty applications.

Avdel Hemlok® is a structural breakstem fastener with exceptional shear and tensile strength. The Hemlok® rivet features an interference lock ensuring the strongest vibration resistant joints, whilst the large blind side bearing area spreads the load and prevents creep.

Avdel Avibulb® bulbing rivets offer a high strength fastening solution ideal for thin sheet metals. The Avdel Avibulb® XT is a high strength breakstem fastener with excellent bulbing tail formation, especially suited for applications with varying sheet thicknesses. Both having the advantage of good hole fill, compensating for irregular, oversized or misaligned holes.

The Avdel Avinox® stainless steel rivet offers a high strength fastening solution ideal for thin sheet metals. This industrial fastener’s stainless steel construction provides good corrosion resistance in applications subject to elevated temperatures. The Avdel Avinox® XT is corrosion resistant and offers high shear and tensile strength, multi-grip capability and high residual clamp load.

Rivetwise can offer expertise on a range of high strength fastening solutions designed with multi-grip capabilities and high shear and tensile strengths that are ideal for one sided applications found in demanding industries. Contact Rivetwise by calling 0121 766 5445 or visiting the website.