Big tape player > Ultratape on Brexit, regulations and certified products

Keeping up with ever-changing standards in products, building specifications and construction standards is no mean feat, but when it comes to fixing tapes, Ultratape is on hand to help, writes Craig Laing, Ultratape Commercial Manager...

Screws, staples, nails and clips were once the bread and butter of the fixings industry. Couple the advancement of manufacturing and building processes, with technological and design improvements in all manners of construction and we now have an abundance of mechanical fixings and fastenings for every purpose and possibility.

The adhesive market continues to develop new gun/pressure applied adhesives for all manner of substrates. These have become the go to solution for many in the last 20yrs.

Often forgotten about in the fixings industry is the adhesive tape. Where once a few rolls of tape on a Merchants shelf was enough, building specifications and building control standards now demand the highest quality of tape products.

Technical and breathable fabrics must be joined and secured. The building will be open to the Elements so UV resistance is required. At the foundation stage, the building required a Radon membrane and an ISO 15105-1 certified tape product to seal it.

The electrician needs to ensure they follow EN 60454 legislation when using PVC tapes on cables. The plumber must make sure he/she uses WRAS and BS 6920 approved PTFE tape and the decorator…

Is it any wonder the trades professional finds it difficult to keep up with ever changing standards in building specifications and construction standards, never mind the products they need to use?

The trades person trusts their Merchant who in turn must trust the technical and legislative knowledge of the supplier. As HSE and government guidance unfolds for the harmonisation of all UK and EU standards, be assured Ultratape will continue delivering the highest quality of certified products to you.

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