Self Locking Techonology takes off

Moeller’s Click-Loc technology is a simple solution that solves a multitude of problems. Developed for the aerospace industry, it is applicable to many others. Moeller explains the significance of Click-Loc...



Self Locking Technology takes off


Click-Loc® is a secondary self-locking device that acts to ensure that a primary connection stays secure, similar to the functionality of lock wire or safety wire but much more durable, easier to use, and long-lasting.

We customise the technology to each customer’s need. Click-Loc is typically used in aircraft engines but can also be used for various other applications including those within the military, marine, space, and industrial industries.

Click-Loc doesn’t loosen due to vibration, heat, stress, and other environmental conditions. It has demonstrated extreme reusability at a wide range of temperatures and has proven to outlast the service requirements of the components in which it is installed.

Click-Loc provides an additional level of security to safety/mission critical systems that cannot fail. Click-Loc self-locking devices won’t back-off and have sustained millions of component flight hours without a reported failure.


Click-Loc devices leverage the concept of a controlled interference fit through a flexible beam finger lockring design that acts against the detent cam of the mating part port to provide a prevailing torque to lock it in place. Click-Loc engages during the last two turns prior to seating as the component is assembled and provides a safety margin over the maximum forces that could be expected.


Our Click-Loc solutions include self-locking fasteners, self-locking fittings, and self-locking plugs, all of which are customised for your application. These solutions can be applied to nearly any hydraulic, mechanical, electrical, or fluid system application.


Click-Loc self-locking fasteners are ideal for turnbuckle fasteners, washer cup assemblies, lockrings, rod ends, Heim joints, and more.  Made of Inconel, our self-locking fasteners can withstand temperatures as high as 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.


Click-Loc self-locking fittings are ideal for gas fittings, test stand fittings, fluid nozzles, fluid transfer systems, and similar applications. Our customisable tube sizes range from -03 through -16.


Click-Loc self-locking plugs are ideal for sensor applications, inspection ports, drain plugs, and similar applications. Like our other solutions, they are highly reusable and virtually mistake-proof.


To learn more about Click-Loc visit our website. Message us online to find out how we can design a solution to meet your needs.