The innovation station

At the recent Torque-Expo UK Telford, we pulled together a number of innovative product launches for visitors to peruse. Didn’t make it to the show? Then catch up here…

Product: Jaton Riveting Products battery-powered tools

Exhibitor: Owlett Jaton

Jaton Riveting Products (JRP), the riveting brand from Owlett-Jaton, launched a market-leading range of battery-powered tooling in March 2022. Capable of installing the JRP fastening products, the four tools are some of the most compact power-to-weight ratio tools to be introduced to the marketplace, says Owlett-Jaton.

The tools feature Brushless Technology motors to offer increased reliability, high power-to-weight ratio, nearly instantaneous control of high speed and torque, high efficiency, and low maintenance.

The tools are powered by an 18V 2.0Ah Li-ion battery designed to give higher performance and increased runtimes of almost 120 minutes. As standard, each tool comes complete with two batteries, a charger, and a damage-resistant case. Spare parts are available for all models.

All tools are CE approved and carry as standard a 12-month return to base warranty.

Product: Raptile Tape

Exhibitor: Bond It

Raptile Tape is one of those products that, once you use it, you wonder how you got by without it, says Bond It.

This self-fusing silicone repair tape is an incredible solution to stopping leaks but it also has numerous uses in and outside the home. From emergency repairs to electrical wiring to waterproofing, providing added grips to tools and even medical situations, it has a variety of uses.

Raptile Tape is silicone and fuses to itself — when wrapped around an object. The tighter you pull it, the better the seal. It’s great on hoses and plumbing and unlike electrical tape, it won’t get gummy, and it won’t dry out like duct tape can — even in the sun.

It is waterproof and seals live leaks on pipes made from copper, PVC plastic, steel, malleable iron, and many other materials. Ideal for fixing leaks in applications ranging from small domestic plumbing problems through to large scale industrial pipe repairs, it avoids costly and disruptive shutdowns of systems. The versatility of the product makes it suitable for wrapping car exhausts, hoses and other types of pipes, and can also be used as an electrical tape with insulation protection up to 8000 volts, pressure resistant up to 8 bar and is temperature resistant up to 260°C.

Raptile Tape can be utilised in the automotive, marine, agricultural, landscaping, engineering, electrical and even military sectors, plus many more DIY applications. Available in 4 colours.

Product: FF112 Deben Safety Boot

Exhibitor: TuffStuff Workwear

Castle Clothing is the owner of the TuffStuff Workwear, Fort Workwear and Fort Safety Footwear brands and sells garments through a distributor network.

TuffStuff is an extensive range of clothing which has been specifically created to provide you with quality and durability. Products within the ranges combine modern design with innovative, protective fabrics.

The FF112 Deben Safety Boot is made from 100% leather, features a steel toe cap and a steel anti-penetration midsole. With a durable rubber/eva sole, a padded collar for comfort, and TPU anti-scuff guard and waterproof membrane, the boots are tried and tested by trade professionals.

We are confident that our ranges meet or exceed the exacting standards your customer would expect, says TuffStuff.

Product: The PARRYPLUG®

Exhibitor: Bollhoff Direct

The PARRYPLUG® is a locking element by which screw connections can be protected against tampering. Specially constructed axial ribs ensure a defined and secure press fit, preventing insertion of a tool into the internal drive socket of the screw.

Up to six plugs can be assembled on a handling aid. This allows a simple installation without any tools. The handling aid inserts the plug into the screw recess. The handling aid is then rotated or tilted to release the plug. Once it is inserted, the PARRYPLUG® immediately provides efficient protection against unauthorised access. Quick and simple: The installation operation can be repeated without any further preparation until all of the plugs are installed.

In addition to its anti-tampering function, the PARRYPLUG® also offers other fields of application, such as the elimination of dirt-collecting edges, aesthetic and visual design aspects, signalling and marking functions and anti-theft protection for solar cells.

The high-performance plastic material permits use over a wide temperature range from -50 °C to +200 °C.

Product: HELICOIL® Smart

Exhibitor: Bollhoff

Bollhoff has manufactured HeliCoil insert for over 65 years and the new HELICOIL® Smart is a further leap in the history of Helicoil® thread technology. A wire thread insert with tang which doesn’t have to be broken off.

HELICOIL® Smart offers all the advantages of the HELICOIL® Plus and the HELICOIL® Tangfree. The HELICOIL® Smart thread insert, which is made from a wire with a rhombic profile, is formed into an elastic spiral to create a completely free running coarse thread.

The magic is in the installation tool. The mandrel bends the tang backward during spinning off and compresses it as the last thread. The result is a true to gauge internal thread, including the last thread which is in every case threadable. Not having a tang to break off eliminates the process of both tang breaking and removal so eliminating the risk of FOD from the removed tang.

Suitable for use in almost any material. The HELICOIL® Smart lends itself to lightweight construction (e.g. aluminium and magnesium) because this method of thread reinforcement combines minimum space requirements and high strength. High-strength screws are therefore also perfectly suitable for low-shear materials. A reduced number of joints and smaller screw sizes save material, installation space and weight – at high fatigue strength. These are definite advantages of the HELICOIL® system.